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Tickling on the bed

No matter how demure a lady is, when she?s tickled, such modesty is lost and it?s like she has never been a demure lady after all. This is exactly what happened to this lady, who?s entirely tickled and who?s too much giggling resulted to having her entire body exposed.

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The mistress actually tied this helpless lady on the bed with only her bra on. Her pussy is exposed and her entire curves as well, but as the tickling torment goes on, her tits start to come out in the open. Her bra cannot anymore cover her tits due to her too much giggling. At first, she tries to remain calm, but she couldn?t resist such tickling torment that in the end, she?s already screaming and giggling so hard. No matter if she begs or not, screams or not, the mistress won?t have any pity on her and still persists tickling her entirety.

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