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Tickling naked body

With or without clothes on, tickling can definitely make one laugh real hard that that someone could even be breathless even after just a few seconds. Well, it?s much ticklish without clothes on as you can just imagine long and sharp finger nails running through your skin.

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Well, that?s definitely what this naked lady has experienced with this mistress. The mistress? nails are extra long that it could even slash your skin. But then again, since this is tickling torment, all she does is run her fingernails slowly on the lady?s poor body. As we all know it, the slower the tickle is, the more it is ticklish. The young lady is able to do nothing but just scream and laugh at the same time. She cannot escape not just because she doesn?t have her clothes on but because she?s entirely tied to endure such tickling act.

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