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Suffering tickling

Do not blame tickling if it makes a person crazy. When you are tickled, it is normal to laugh and laugh? but when tickling is already too much, perhaps you?d already want to break out but still can?t stop laughing. Well this is exactly what happened to this poor lady.

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This helpless lady seems really helpless and hopeless as she?s continuously tickled by the Mystery Hands. Her hands and legs are all tied up so she?s seeing no escape from such a torment. All she can do is endure it and perhaps end up crazy. The Mystery Hands seems to have no plans of stopping as he continues to tickle her entire body. He tickles her waist, the sides of her tits, her armpits and even her legs. She?s still laughing but you can see that her face is not looking like she?s really happy. Well, that?s the only thing she can do anyway.

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