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Ladies wild tickling

Some can really go crazy when they undergo tickling torment. Just imagine laughing out loud but at the same time screaming and perhaps even crying as you slowly become breathless. That said, I can?t blame this poor lady if she acts and looks crazy since she is being tickled not just by one but by two mean persons.

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Evil, cruel, mean? these are words this poor girl used to describe both the mistress and the Mystery Hands. Imagine both of them tagging up to tickle a helpless lady? now that?s totally breathtaking. They first focused on her leg, the mistress on her thigh and the Mystery Hands on her foot. She can?t stop laughing and screaming as it?s the part where she is most ticklish. Next stop, her upper body. The Mystery Hands tickle her sides from her waist up to the sides of her tits. The mistress, on the other hand, is asked to tickle the lady on her under arms. Well, in this case, do not expect the poor lady to stop screaming.

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