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Feet tickled on tits

When tickling, you normally use your hands and fingers, right? Now what we have here is totally different; and it seems like instead of experiencing a breathtaking torment, the lady being tickled here is experiencing pleasure and it?s the same pleasure as to the one tickling her.

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The mistress isn?t using her fingers or hands, but rather, she?s using her tits, mouth and tongue. Now who wouldn?t be pleasured with that? Perhaps even men out there would want to experience such tickling torment under her hands, eh? At first, the mistress kept on swallowing the lady?s toes and then licking her feet and even kissing her very sole. Next, she would immediately place one of the lady?s feet on her round tits as she held the other and gives it a nice and slow touch. She then held both the lady?s feet on her tits, and I guess that gave them both equal pleasures. This mistress is so horny and I bet you?d all agree.

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