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Feet suffers tickle

Armpits, waist, feet? these are the most common parts of the body where one is most ticklish. As for the case of this helpless lady, she?s most ticklish on her waist and feet and so the mistress continues in tickling them. You could hear her scream so loud and laugh out real loud every time she?s being tickled.

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It?s actually surprising how this lady could laugh and scream her lungs out when she?s actually positioned in a way where one could have a little trouble breathing normally. She?s actually lying on her stomach and her hands and legs are all tied up. It?s hard to scream while in that position, eh? But anyway, perhaps she?s really that ticklish that she?s able to do so. As the mistress tickles her feet, you could see her move it away from her hands, but obviously, she won?t be able to escape it. All she has to do is to endure everything till the mistress gets tired.

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