All content on this site has been created by the legendary "BleuFetish Videos", one of the most well known, award winning tickling producers ever! All of their tickling videos are 100% REAL. NO FAKING ALLOWED. This is Tickle Torture done BY Tickling fans FOR Tickling fans. From the super intense; with plenty of begging, pleading and crying, to those great cute scenes with some of the most adorable models anywhere!

Ebony gets tickled

Tickling can either be fun or painful. Well at first, perhaps all youll hear is pure laughter, screaming and giggling, but as time passes, I bet youll hear nothing but crying, begging that the tickling would stop. This is what happens to this poor ebony lady, whos locked up by the mistress for a nonstop tickling torture.

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As the tickling begins, the ebony lady even seems excited about it. As she is asked to lie on the table, she did it without complains. She even handed the mistress her hands so she can tie them up. The tickling begins and both the mistress and the ebony are excited, laughing their hearts out. The mistress tickles her entire body from the armpit down on the foot. As she continues doing it, the ebony lady seems to not like it any more. She wants the mistress to stop, but she hasnt heard the magic word yet. Thats all she wants to hear, but the ebony just cant talk straight and clear due to too much tickling.

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