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Double tickling

Tickling is so enjoyable that others can?t help but join the fun. It feels good when you?re the one who?s tickling people but it definitely feels so tiring and breathless if you?re the one getting tickled. What we have here are two ladies who are actually both tickled but the other lady doesn?t have any knowledge that she?s bound to suffer the same fate as the lady she?s tickling.

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At the start, it was the red-headed lady who?s being tickled all the time. The Mystery Hands want her to beg for him to stop but the lady just can?t say it. Perhaps she?s having a hard time doing so because she?s being tickled. A mistress is also tickling her, so just imagine two pairs of hands tickling one body? now that will surely leave her breathless. Funny thing is, the Mystery Hands tied the feet of the mistress and began tickling her as well. Now that is indeed double tickling fun!

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