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Crazy tickle torment

When you know you are bound to suffer tickling torment under the Mystery Hands, perhaps it is best not to show him that you are very ticklish. I know it?s hard to resist laughing especially when you?re being tickled, but you don?t want to suffer more and longer, right?

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Well the Mystery Hands is just so mean that when he knew that you?re ticklish in a particular part, expect him to tickle it over and over. Also, if he sees that you?re seem to be having fun, expect him to tickle you for longer hours. He just wants this lady to say stop and beg mercy on him, but he doesn?t even give this lady a chance to speak since he?s continuously tickling her. You can hear the lady go really wild as she screams and it really seems like she?s already gone totally crazy.

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